Our Services

Cambron Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc. can provide services beyond that of any other local roofing contractor. We specialize in both commercial and industrial roofing and waterproofing, while completing select residential projects.  Our roofs are simply the best because of our experience, passion, and commitment to excelling in our profession.  

Roof Replacement & Repair

When asked to quote a replacement for your roof, we thoroughly evaluate the building for the right type of roof. Our experience enables us to make the best recommendations with the foresight to insure your goals are achieved. Our commitment is to install the right roof, the right way, every time. 

When maintenance and repairs are all that is needed, we know how to properly fix all types of roofs. From shingles to built-up roofing, tile to single-ply, metal to foam, we will always identify the problems and create reliable solutions to fix them. 


Decks to stairs, retaining walls and basements, we are experienced with the finest products and proper application techniques to complete the job. 

Thermal Scanning

With our digital infrared thermal imaging equipment, we can determine the location of heat loss and potential moisture infiltration without tearing your roof apart. 

Maintenance & Follow Up

Our roof reports include a thorough analysis of the existing roof and its installation, expert insight of the conditions, and professional recommendations from a team with knowledge and experience in most roofing applications. 

It’s a fact roughly 90% of roofs fail prematurely due to neglect and poor installation. Our roof maintenance program ensures your roof will last as long as it was built to.

Hazardous Material

We can detect the usage of hazardous materials and perform the procedures required for safe and legal disposal of said harmful material. 

Weight and Pull Tests

We can conduct analysis of proper distribution of adhesives and coatings through weight testing and mill gauges. Pull tests with our laboratory calibrated, hydraulic gauge cell pressure readers ensure that the fasteners and substrate meet all requirements within industry standards.