About Us

Cambron Roofing


Cambron Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best roofing installations while using proven products and tools in the industry. We require our employees to follow both the highest quality and safest possible working conditions while performing for our customers. 

Our desire is to provide our clients with quality services and products that exceed every expectation. 

We are confident that our continual progress and advancement in the field will provide a quality product, while our guidelines keep our clients' property and our own employees safe. Following these factors, Cambron Roofing is confident it will provide and achieve all expectations made by both the customer and ourselves. 

Bob Cambron


Bob has been in the roofing industry since 1981. He began as a laborer, tearing off and working on existing roofs for over a decade, during which time he gained first hand experience in maintaining roofs, as well as identifying and repairing both roofing and waterproofing projects. The experience Bob gained while working under one of the nation’s largest roofing contractors, according to Engineering News-Record, is unparalleled in the area of Southern California. He has continued to advance his knowledge since starting Cambron Roofing and Waterproofing, gaining over 20 CEUs in both roofing and waterproofing. 

Jeanette Cambron

Jeanette was brought up in a family of roofers. She worked several different positions in her father’s roofing business and eventually moved on to an Accounting Management position within a national financial consulting firm. Her unique growth and experience within a roofing business combined with her fiscal management skills has created an extraordinary environment for Cambron Roofing. Jeanette is a lifetime member of the Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance. Through her experiences she is able to provide clients, employees, and vendors with timely responses and can promise reliable information.